Banjosa Lake – Rawalakot Azad Kashmir – Pakistan

Located in Azad Kashmir, Rawalakot where a beautiful natural lake called Banjusa Lake has become a great tourist destination. It is located at a distance of about half an hour from Rawalakot, a forested lake whose beauty is visited by people from all over the world. This lake has become a center of interest for tourists.

The lake is surrounded by dense forest and attractive scenery. The greenery and fresh air and clear water around the lake attract tourists. Boating facilities are also available for tourists. There are also three small hotels for drinking.

The weather here is pleasant and beautiful in summer. And it gets very cold in winters, which drops the temperature down to minus five degrees Celsius. It also snows in the two months of December and January.
The influx of tourists to Banjusa Lake continues throughout the year. While Hakut takes special care of cleaning the lake for tourists. So that this beauty of nature can be maintained.

The beauty of Banjosa Lake and tourism in Azad Kashmir is being further promoted for tourists so that the visitors can benefit from these beautiful places. There are also government rest houses for tourist accommodation and private guesthouses and hotels that you can avail. Banjosa Lake – Rawalakot Azad Kashmir – Pakistan, Toli Peer azad kashmir

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