14- Best Affordable Air Mattress for Camping – 2029

If you’re looking for a way to escape reality and spend quality time outdoors, a camping air mattress is the way to go. Whether you’re a backpacker, camper, or glamping, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your trip by investing in a mattress that’ll help you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. We’ve tested 12 of these mattresses to find out if they’re worth the investment, and we’ll continue testing them over the next six months. We’ll start by creating our own urban campsite, which we’ll call our “Lab for Campers”. We’ll do an overnight test to make sure the mattresses will stay inflated even when we weigh them down. Then, we’ll measure their dimensions, lay on them, and carry them around to see how portable they are. All of this was done with naps, weights, and sweat. Now, let’s take a look at the results and see if you’ll love a camping air mattress. 14- Best Affordable Air Mattress for Camping

1.  Therm-a-Rest BaseCamp Sleeping Pad

Therm-a-Rest BaseCamp Sleeping Pad

Therm- a-Rest developed the world’s first self-inflate air mattress, and it’s easy to see why. The base camp sleeping pad won us over during our testing. It’s made of thick, soft materials for a good night’s sleep, but it’s surprisingly lightweight at only 2.6 lbs. The mattress comes with an adjustable stuff sack and a crossbody strap that makes carrying a folded mattress a breeze. During our testing, we fell in love with the cushioning and the large gap between the mattress and the bed frame. We were able to roll over and lay on the mattress without having any body parts touch the floor. The automatic inflation kicks in in a few minutes, and you can top it up with a few quick breaths to get it extra stiff. The mattress deflates quickly with the one way valve, but it feels like air is trying to push its way back in. It takes less than a minute to get fully deflated, and it’s tucked away in less than 10.

What to Consider

  • We wish the valve had a deflate latch to prevent air from coming in while rolling the mattress up.

The Details: Single mattress | 77 x 25 x 2 inches (unfolded) | 26 x 7.5 inches (folded) | 2.6 pounds | Self-inflating | 6 R-value

2. REI Co-op Camp Dreamer XL Self-Inflating Deluxe Bed

REI Co-op Camp Dreamer XL Self-Inflating Deluxe Bed

We love that REI’s air mattress is easy to set up and take down, which is great for all campers. It only took us about five minutes to unroll, unlock, and un-inflate the mattress, and it took less than 10 minutes for the mattress to deflate, roll, and place back into the included stuff sack. The mattress comes with a pump sack that you can use to top off the mattress for the ideal stiffness. We found the mattress to be perfectly supportive and soft enough to sleep comfortably for one person. The only downside to this mattress is that it’s 6.6 pounds heavier than our best overall, so it’s a bit less portable, but we didn’t have any issues carrying it around.

The Details: Single mattress | 78 x 30 x 4 inches (unfolded) | 11 x 30 inches (folded) | 6.6 pounds | Self-inflating, pump sack included | 6.6 R-Value

3. Fun Pac Yuzonc Camping Sleeping Pad

Fun Pac Yuzonc Camping Sleeping Pad

For infrequent campers or money savvy shoppers, this inflatable mattress is the best one under $50 that we tried. Weighing just shy of two pounds, it’s super lightweight and compact to store (perfect for small apartments), meaning it has superior portability compared to the pricier and heavier counterparts we also tested. In just over a minute, we were able to pump up the mattress with the handy built-in foot pump. The air release valve makes it a simple process to deflate and fold up the mattress. The bed isn’t as thick or supportive as other mattresses we tried, so you’ll likely feel the ground when you roll over to one side. We still found it comfortable enough to lay on, and you can add more cushioning with a sleeping bag. This mattress is a single size, but we love that it has buttons on the corners to attach another mattress to so you can make it a double if needed.

The Details: Single mattress | 79 x 27.5 x 4 inches (unfolded) | 10 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches (folded) | 1.98 pounds | Built-in foot pump

4. Nemo Sleeping Pad

Nemo Sleeping Pad

On the other hand, we find the Nemo double mattress to be worth every penny. If you’re a frequent camper or looking for a real mattress-like bed to camp on, the Roamer sleeping pad is your best option. It’s incredibly comfortable to lay on during testing, thanks to its thick cushioning and robust design. We felt supported and comfortable even when two people were on it, and when one of us rolled over, we could barely feel the other person’s weight on top of us. For a double mattress, that’s a huge plus. The material feels high-quality and is built to last, which is why we’re confident recommending this mattress because it will last for years to come. The only downside is that it’s a bit cumbersome to inflate or deflate due to its large size and some finicky valves. After going over the instructions a few times, it was much easier, but be aware that there’s going to be a slight learning curve.

The Details: Double mattress | 78 x 52 x 4 inches (unpacked) | 26 x 11 inches (packed) | 7.8 pounds | Self-inflating, pump sack included | 6 R-value

5. Sea to Summit Ether Light XT Insulated Air Sleeping Pad

Sea to Summit Ether Light XT Insulated Air Sleeping Pad

Designed for backpackers and light packers, the Sea To Summit takes up very little space and is surprisingly comfortable considering its size. It infuses in less than 2 minutes using the pump sack and takes just over 3 pumps to fully inflate. We like that it evenly distributes the weight so we don’t sink into the center of the mattress, and it is comfortable enough for one person to sleep on. Because the materials are so thin, you will likely feel the ground with some movement, but it is more comfortable than lying on the ground during a backpacking trip. After a night of sleeping on the mattress with weight on top of it, we noticed that it lost a bit of air, but nothing major. It deflates in seconds and since it is a fairly small stuff sack, we would be strategic about folding the bag tightly to make it easier to put into the bag.

The Details: Single mattress | 72 x 21.5 x 4 inches (unpacked) | 9.5 x 4.5 inches (packed) | 1.13 inches | Pump sack included | 3.2 R-Value

6. Nemo Quasar 3D Lightweight Insulated Air Sleeping Pad

Nemo Quasar 3D Lightweight Insulated Air Sleeping Pad

Another great choice for backpackers, Nemo’s lightweight mattress doesn’t take up much space in your hiking pack. We’re big fans of this mattress’s thoughtful design, especially since it’s made with 100% post-consumer recycled, Blue Sign-approved materials. If you’re new to using a pump sack, there may be a bit of a learning curve when it comes to inflating the mattress. But once you attach it to your mattress, it should only take a few minutes. We kept weights on this mattress overnight and didn’t see any shrinkage. There were no issues with it deflating and rolling back into your stuff sack for storage after the test. Lying on this mattress, we felt it had enough support for comfort, even though it’s thinner design. Side sleepers might sink down at the hips a bit.

The Details: Single mattress | 72 x 20 x 3.5 inches (unpacked) | 8 x 4.5 inches (packed) | 1.9 pounds | Self-inflating, pump sack included | 3.3 R-Value

Are there any air mattresses that are actually comfortable?

Are you tired of searching for an air mattress that provides genuine comfort? Look no further! We understand the struggle of finding the perfect air mattress that combines convenience and coziness. Fortunately, there are indeed air mattresses available on the market that prioritize comfort without compromising on quality. These mattresses are designed with innovative features such as advanced air chambers, plush pillow tops, and enhanced support systems. Whether you’re hosting guests, going camping, or simply need an extra bed for yourself, these comfortable air mattresses are a fantastic option. So, say goodbye to restless nights and hello to a peaceful slumber with an air mattress that truly delivers on comfort. 14- Best Affordable Air Mattress for Camping

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