Best Hiking Trails in Murree – Pakistan

Hiking is a popular hobby looking for natural beauty، There is an interesting opportunity for people looking in terms of desertification and segregation from the modern world on the scene۔ Pakistan is a country full of a variety of nature, the Jabli region, and beautiful rivers, which provide numerous opportunities for haiking enthusiasts۔ In this article, we will talk about Pakistan’s best haiking routes that connect different areas from Lahore to Karachi۔Best Hiking Trails in Murree – Pakistan ,  pineline trek , murree

Mushkpuri Trek

Mushkpuri Up is a 3 hour safe hill trek that starts from Pines Hotel, Nathigali, spiraling up through the green pine forest that showcases natural beauty. On the way, hikers are presented with a colorful, fairy-tale-floral carpet of flowers throughout the green Meadows, which is especially beautiful during the rainy season. The second highest hill in Galiyat is 9452 feet /3150 meters, and is the starting point for this trek. At the top, there is a small water spring, and you can see the Kashmir valley from the top. There is another trek that descends down towards the other side of the mountain, which gives you a bird’s eye view of the Ayubia national park down below. This trek is not recommended for people who are afraid of heights, as it starts from the same place as the one you are starting from. You can also start the trek up from the same place. This is a great trek for families to enjoy the natural beauty of the pine forest of Galyat, and you will be able to see the Jhelum river from the top.

Miranjani Trek

Nathia Gali is the starting point for the trek. The road leading to Governor House before the church is the road to follow. There is a right descending turn before Governor House. Take this turn and keep going down. Then there is a T- junction where right turns lead to the Bakot forest and straight continues as the Abshaar road. So we are going straight from here. After some time another T- junction comes which is the actual starting point of trek. Here you will see the white hut. Right turns lead to Khan kalaan whereas straight or left leads to the waterfall and the villages of Namli maira. On a clear day, you can also see Nanga parbat from the top.

Pipeline Track

The Galiyat region is a popular destination among tourists, primarily visited by avid trekkers due to the area’s rocky tracks. These hill stations in Pakistan offer mesmerising views and natural beauty, two aspects that any visitor looks for in a holiday destination. One of the prime areas of interest in this region is the Pipeline Track, which offers a unique experience to the people.

This beautiful walking track is located in Dunga Gali, which is one of the most beautiful areas in the Galiyat region. This town is a few kilometres from Nathiagali, making it quite easy for anyone to visit this beautiful walking track. The area provides majestic views and is a perfect spot for families looking for a peaceful and clean picnic spot.

Being the only attraction in Dunga Gali, the Pipeline Track has become quite a popular feature of this serene yet bustling region.

This tracking path is situated above an 8-inch underground pipeline that carries water from Dunga Gali to Murree, one of the many sources supplying water to Murree.  Best Hiking Trails in Murree – Pakistan

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