Best Portable Battery Charger for Iphone 12 Pro Max

The iPhone is in a transitional period, and so are the power banks that are designed for it. You’ll still find some with integrated Lightning cables, but with the switch to the USB-C iPhone 15 series, we’re expecting to see a lot of external batteries with built-in USB-C cabling that can charge other devices that are also USB-C equipped, like Android smartphones. As for wireless charging, Anker and other companies are starting to roll out Qi2-branded power banks. While they’re pricier, Qi2-branded wireless chargers are Qi2 certified, which means they’ll charge up to 15 watts fast and are MagSafe compatible. That means you’ll get twice as much speed from a standard charger as you would from a 7.5 watt wireless charger. The best iPhone power banks right now are: Anker MagGo: 622 6.6K Power Bank MagGo Power Bank: 6.5K with an adjustable, foldable stand MagGo 10K Power Bank: 10K with integrated kickstand iPhone 13, 14, 15, and 15 models MagSafe-enabled MagSafe- Best Portable Battery Charger for Iphone 12 Pro Max best power banks

To be clear, almost all of the models listed below work with any current iPhone, as long as you have a compatible charging cable that matches both the ports on either the power bank or the phone. On the wireless side, Qi chargers have been compatible with iPhones since the iPhones 8 and iPhone X line, but chargers that are officially MagSafe-certified will charge your phone faster and offer better screen feedback. Apple has not yet revealed if the upcoming Qi2 chargers will offer any additional benefits with the iPhone 15 line, so here are our current favorites. While this list is focused on iPhones, any portable battery pack on this list with either a USB-C port or a USB-A out port will work just fine for charging an Android phone (or any portable gadget), as long as you provide compatible smartphone cable. Wireless or inductive charging should also work with Android phones that are configured that way Best Portable Battery Charger for Iphone 12 Pro Max

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