10- Best Trekking Poles for Hunting – 2025

When it comes to trekking poles, having reliable and high-quality gear can greatly enhance your hiking and backpacking adventures. Here are some of the best trekking poles available on the market today. The “Trailblazer Trekking Poles” are a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts. Known for their lightweight yet sturdy construction, these poles offer excellent stability and shock absorption, reducing strain on your joints and providing added balance on challenging terrain. If you’re looking for versatility and durability, the “Explorer Pro Trekking Poles” are an excellent option. With adjustable height settings and ergonomic grips, they can be customized to suit your comfort level. These poles are made from durable aluminum or carbon fiber, making them lightweight yet strong enough to withstand rugged trails. For those seeking a compact and collapsible design, the “Adventure Foldable Trekking Poles” are a great choice. With their folding mechanism, they can easily fit into your backpack when not in use, making them ideal for travel and backpacking adventures. Additionally, these poles often come with features such as anti-shock technology, comfortable grips, and adjustable wrist straps for added convenience. No matter which trekking poles you choose, investing in a reliable pair will provide you with stability, support, and confidence as you tackle challenging terrains, making your hiking experience safer and more enjoyable. 10- Best Trekking Poles for Hunting – 2025

1. MSR DynaLock Ascent Carbon

MSR DynaLock Ascent Carbon

The MSR DynaLock Ascent Carbon trekking poles are a top-tier choice for outdoor enthusiasts seeking lightweight and high-performance gear. These poles are designed to provide exceptional strength and reliability while keeping weight to a minimum. The carbon fiber construction makes them incredibly lightweight, ideal for hikers and backpackers looking to reduce their pack weight without compromising on durability. The DynaLock Ascent Carbon poles feature MSR’s innovative DynaLock technology, which allows for quick and secure adjustments with a simple flick of the wrist. This mechanism ensures that the poles stay in place even in rugged terrains, providing stability and support during your trek. The comfortable foam grips provide a secure hold, while the adjustable wrist straps offer added security and help reduce fatigue. The poles also come with interchangeable trekking and snow baskets, making them versatile for use in different seasons and terrains. Whether you’re tackling steep ascents or navigating challenging descents, the MSR DynaLock Ascent Carbon trekking poles deliver exceptional performance, reliability, and comfort, making them a top choice for avid hikers and backpackers.

Weight: 17 ounces
Minimum Length: 14 inches


2. Leki Cressida FX Carbon

Leki Cressida FX Carbon

Flexibility and comfort are at the top of the Cressida’s list. Soft cork grips are comfortable from the get-go and have an ergonomic notch for your index finger. Grip extension is 5.5 inches for quick transitions up steep terrain. The minimalistic straps are some of the most comfortable on the market for barehanded use. Our reviewers like cork grips best because they mold to your hand shape and resist sweat. Carbon fiber shafts dampen trail vibrations and the locking and adjustment mechanism is expertly designed for ease of use — a feature that works for both novice and seasoned pros. The poles fold down to 16 inches and fit nicely in most packs. They also include a stuff sack for convenient storage. These are premium poles. They are one of the most expensive poles on the market.

Weight: 17 ounces | Minimum Length: 16 inches

3. Black Diamond Distance Z

Black Diamond Distance Z

Black Diamond Distance Z are lightweight, simple, and high performance poles at a fraction of the cost of the carbon fiber version. The aluminum shaft construction adds just two ounces per pair over the carbon version, while keeping the same small size and minimal but comfortable grip design. We love this pole and since the aluminum shafted Distance Z is so much cheaper than the carbon, it’s a great choice for those looking for lightweight performance at an affordable price. Both versions of the Distance Z were updated in 2023 with improved locking mechanisms that made it easier to use when it gets cold. These upgrades are nice but not so much that you’ll need to upgrade your existing poles. There is no adjustability on these poles, so you’ll need to be careful when choosing your size. We don’t like the thin wrist straps that the Distance Z has, especially for hikers and trekkers who carry heavy packs. However, these poles are durable.

Weight: 12 ounces | Minimum Length: 14 inches

3. Trekology Trek-Z 2.0

Trekology Trek-Z 2.0

If you’re looking for high-performance, compact, and foldable hiking poles at a price that can’t be beat, you’ve come to the right place with Trekology’s new Trek-Z 2-0 3-section poles. In the past, users would pay a premium for compact and high-performance poles, but that’s no longer the case. This modern technology is affordable, and it’s proven to be comfortable, durable, and foldable. The only downside to these budget-friendly poles is that they’re a bit heavy, weighing in at 26 ounces. That’s the heaviest pair we’ve tested in our review, and it won’t perform well in activities such as long-distance hiking where every ounce matters. We also found that the Trek-Z’s length adjustability was only 7 inches, which is significantly less than most of the other options on the market. On the plus side, the grips are comfortable, and the basket attachments provide versatility, making the Trek-Z a great choice for those just getting into hiking.

Weight: 26 ounces | Minimum Length: 15 inches

4. Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z

Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z

The Black Diamond distance Carbon Z offers excellent performance at a lightweight weight. We’ve been a big fan of this pole for a long time, and it’s been updated in 2023 with a minor upgrade. The newer model uses a thinner, slightly lighter pole, and the smaller diameter of the pole is easy to spot, especially when attaching it to your pack or stowing it inside. Weight shavings aren’t very noticeable. The biggest improvement is the lock and unlock button. The old one had a very tiny button that was difficult to use when you’re wearing gloves or your hands are cold, but the new button is a big improvement. (we’re talking grams here, so the average person probably won’t notice). This model reduces ounces by using a carbon fiber shaft, foam grips and stripped down features. While we don’t use these poles as heavy duty trekking poles, nor do we use them for backpacking or trail running, they’re relatively versatile and are great for lightweight backpacking and hiking, as well as approaching technical climbs (although they’re not great for spring snow). The small snow baskets work well in spring snow, but are not great for powder. 10- Best Trekking Poles for Hunting – 2025

Weight: 10 ounces | Minimum Length: 14 inches
What is the best type of trekking pole?

The best type of trekking pole ultimately depends on your personal preferences, hiking style, and the specific terrain you’ll be traversing. However, there are a few key factors to consider when selecting trekking poles.

Firstly, material plays a significant role in determining the overall performance and weight of the poles. Aluminum trekking poles are known for their durability and affordability, making them a popular choice for hikers on a budget or those who prioritize durability over weight savings. On the other hand, carbon fiber trekking poles are lightweight and provide excellent vibration absorption, making them ideal for long-distance treks or those who prioritize weight reduction.

Another important consideration is the locking mechanism. Trekking poles typically come with either twist-lock or lever-lock mechanisms. Twist-lock poles are known for their reliability and ease of use, while lever-lock poles allow for quick and secure adjustments on the go. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on personal preference and the level of convenience you’re seeking.

Additionally, adjustable versus fixed-length poles is another factor to consider. Adjustable poles offer versatility, allowing you to adapt the length to different terrains and preferences. They are particularly useful when encountering uneven terrain or when sharing the poles with others. Fixed-length poles, on the other hand, are typically lighter and more durable due to their simplified design.

Grip comfort and ergonomics should not be overlooked. Look for trekking poles with ergonomic grips that provide a comfortable and secure hold, reducing hand fatigue during long hikes. Cork, foam, and rubber are common materials used for grips, each offering its own benefits such as moisture-wicking, shock absorption, or insulation.

Ultimately, the best type of trekking pole is the one that suits your specific needs and preferences. Consider factors such as material, locking mechanism, adjustability, and grip comfort to find the perfect trekking poles that will enhance your hiking experience and provide the support and stability you need on the trail. 10- Best Trekking Poles for Hunting – 2025

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