12-Best Women’s Shoes for Walking and Hiking

As you begin planning your outdoor adventures for the year, it is important to consider  footwear that can withstand the unique demands of hiking. Finding shoes that provide adequate support, traction, and comfort over varied terrain is key. This article will serve as your guide to the top hiking shoes for women in 2025. Based on rigorous product testing and research, we have curated a list of this year’s standout models across a range of categories.

Whether you are a novice hiker or seasoned outdoorswoman, this review covers the ideal footwear options to elevate your trail experience. From lightweight boots designed for day hikes to rugged, waterproof shoes built to withstand backcountry treks, we will outline the key features to look for and provide specific product recommendations you can trust on your next mountain adventure. What to Look for in the Best Hiking Shoes for Women 12-Best Women’s Shoes for Walking and Hiking

1. La Sportiva Spire GTX – Women’s

la sportiva spire gtx - women's

The low profile design combines trail runner agility with hiking boot stability into one unstoppable shoe. The fit is comfortable from the get-go, though it does run a bit big on those with high arches. The abrasion resistant mesh upper and compression molded midsole provide excellent support while staying flexible. Whether you’re day hiking or planning an extended backcountry trip with the added load of a pack, this shoe will get you where you want to go. The Vibram outsole and stability control system built into this shoe are ready to take on any terrain without losing ground feel under your feet or responsiveness on steep descents. This shoe has one of the largest flood levels (3.75 inches over the ankle) and a breathable membrane that won’t allow water to seep through. Whether you’re traversing creeks with high runoff or sliding through melting, snow-covered slush, this shoe will take the challenge.

  • Weight (per pair): 1.68 pounds
  • Lining: Gore-Tex Surround

2. Merrell Moab 3 – Women’s

Merrell Moab 3 - Women's

The Merrell Moab 3 is a consistent and dependable hiking shoe for those looking for performance at an affordable price. The mesh-and-leather combination upper is comfortable from the get-go, though we found it took a couple of miles on the trail to get the hang of it. The shoe fits true to size and is available in both regular and wide sizes. The super rebound compound midsole provides excellent support, especially for high arches. The outsole is a beefed-up version of the original Merrell Moab 3000 rubber, and it delivers much better performance than its predecessors. It’s not waterproof, but we find it to be ideal for hot desert trails and low elevation hikes when precipitation isn’t expected, as the absence of a waterproof liner helps improve the shoe’s breathability and comfort. If you’re looking for a lightweight shoe, the Moab 3 isn’t the best option for you, as it’s heavier than some of the other hiking shoes we tested in this review. We’ll attribute this extra weight to the beefed-up Vibram rubber outsole, which provides excellent protection from debris along every stride.

Weight (per pair): 1.7 pounds | Lining: Recycled mesh

3. Columbia Crestwood – Women’s

Columbia Crestwood - Women's

The Women’s Crestwood™ Waterproof Hiking Shoe is a fantastic choice for female outdoor enthusiasts seeking a versatile and reliable footwear option. Designed to tackle various terrains and weather conditions, these hiking shoes offer exceptional performance and comfort. The waterproof construction ensures that your feet stay dry and protected, even in wet or rainy conditions, allowing you to confidently explore trails and navigate through streams. The shoe features a durable and breathable combination of leather and mesh, providing both support and ventilation. Its lightweight design reduces fatigue during long hikes, while the cushioned midsole offers excellent shock absorption, enhancing overall comfort. The sturdy rubber outsole with multidirectional lugs provides reliable traction on different surfaces, ensuring stability and grip on slippery or uneven terrain. Additionally, the Crestwood™ Waterproof Hiking Shoe is designed specifically for women, offering a comfortable fit and accommodating the unique shape of a woman’s foot. With its combination of durability, waterproofing, comfort, and traction, these hiking shoes are well-suited for day hikes, weekend excursions, and even more challenging backpacking adventures. Whether you’re exploring forest trails, conquering mountain peaks, or simply enjoying nature walks, the Women’s Crestwood™ Waterproof Hiking Shoe is a reliable and stylish companion for your outdoor escapades.

Weight (per pair): 1.5 pounds | Lining: Omni-Tech

4. La Sportiva TX4 – Women’s

La Sportiva TX4 - Women's

The La Sportiva TX4 Women’s approach shoe is a high-performance footwear option designed for female outdoor enthusiasts who value both style and functionality. These shoes excel in technical terrain and are ideal for hikers and climbers seeking reliable traction, durability, and comfort. The TX4 Women’s features a tough leather upper with a Vibram® MegaGrip outsole, providing excellent grip and traction on various surfaces, including rocky trails and slippery terrain. The shoe’s extended lacing system allows for a precise and secure fit, ensuring stability and support during challenging ascents. With a moderate stiffness, the TX4 strikes a balance between flexibility for hiking comfort and rigidity for climbing precision. The shoe also incorporates a cushioned midsole for shock absorption and all-day comfort during long treks. Additionally, the TX4 Women’s boasts a stylish design that seamlessly transitions from the trail to casual settings, making it a versatile choice for outdoor adventures and everyday wear. Whether you’re tackling technical approaches, scrambling up rocky slopes, or simply exploring nature trails, the La Sportiva TX4 Women’s approach shoe offers the perfect blend of performance, durability, and style to elevate your outdoor experiences.

Weight (per pair): 1.42 pounds | Lining: Nonslip mesh

5. Salomon X Ultra 4 Gore-Tex – Women’s

Salomon X Ultra 4 Gore-Tex - Women's

The Salomon X Ultra 4 Gore-Tex Women’s hiking shoe is a top-of-the-line option for female outdoor enthusiasts who prioritize performance, protection, and comfort. This shoe is designed to tackle rugged terrains and adverse weather conditions, making it an excellent choice for hiking, backpacking, and other outdoor activities. The X Ultra 4 features a Gore-Tex membrane, providing exceptional waterproofing and breathability, so your feet stay dry and comfortable even in wet environments. The shoe’s durable synthetic upper offers a blend of flexibility and support, while the SensiFit™ system cradles the foot for a secure and precise fit. The Contagrip® outsole delivers outstanding traction on various surfaces, ensuring stability and confidence on both wet and dry terrain. The shoe’s EnergyCell midsole provides cushioning and shock absorption, reducing fatigue during long hikes. Additionally, the X Ultra 4 Women’s is designed specifically for the female foot, offering enhanced comfort and a more tailored fit. The shoe’s sleek design and stylish colors add a touch of flair to your outdoor adventures. Whether you’re conquering steep trails, crossing streams, or navigating rocky terrain, the Salomon X Ultra 4 Gore-Tex Women’s hiking shoe offers the perfect combination of protection, performance, and style to elevate your outdoor experiences.

Weight (per pair): 1.54 pounds | Lining: Gore-Tex

6. Hoka Anacapa 2 Low GTX – Women’s

Hoka Anacapa 2 Low GTX - Women's

The “Anacapa” 2 Low GTX is a lightweight and well-engineered hiking shoe that puts all day comfort front and center with a thickly cushioned sole that propels you forward every step of the way. The recycled mesh upper releases moisture that’s built up over those long trail miles and protects your feet during those stream crossings with superior Gore-Tex invisible fit technology. The sole of the “Anacapa” is made up of a lightweight and soft rubber combined with a high-performance Vibram Mega Grip rubber. This rubber performed well for our team, whether we were traversing the steeps of the Anacapa Trail or hiking on the slippery boulders of the popular trail system. Although the shoes are designed for neutral stability, we found adding an after market insole improved arch support for people who need it or prefer it more. We would also recommend adding the extra runner’s loop eyelet located near the ankle to lock the heel into place especially on steep, demanding trails. While the shoes performed well, we did experience some impact from the softer rubber on scree fields and rougher terrain.

Weight (per pair): 1.52 pounds | Lining: Gore-Tex Invisible Fit membranes

7. The North Face VECTIV Fastpack FUTURELIGHT – Women’s

The North Face VECTIV Fastpack FUTURELIGHT - Women's

If you’re looking for a high-performance hiking shoe without the added weight or bulk of a traditional shoe, our top pick for those who want to shed weight without sacrificing high performance is our favorite hiking shoe of the season. Here’s what we’ve got for you: THE NORTHFACE VECTIV FIRELIGHT The FIRELIGHT is a moderate cushioned hiking shoe that’s designed to maximize your energy output on the trail. It’s a unique design with a rockered feel that’s comfortable from the get-go. The full waterproof design allows air to seep through the abrasion resistant mesh upper, increasing overall breathability without sacrificing waterproof performance. There are some caveats to this high-performing shoe. We appreciate the weight and bulk reduction, but we can’t imagine this shoe offering the same durability as more substantial and heavier synthetic or leather uppers. This lightweight design is great for day hikes and quickpacking missions, but it wouldn’t be our first choice if you’re planning a long-distance backpacking trip with significant weight on your back. If you’ 12-Best Women’s Shoes for Walking and Hiking

Weight (per pair): 1.34 pounds | Lining: FUTURELIGHT waterproof membrane

Durability and Weather-Resistance

When selecting hiking shoes, durability and weather-resistance are two of the most  important factors to consider. Look for shoes made of high-quality, long-lasting  materials like nubuck leather, polyurethane-coated leather or synthetic mesh fabrics with waterproof membranes. These materials can withstand exposure to the elements and repeated abrasion from rough terrain. Waterproof shoes will keep your feet dry in rain,
snow and streams, while breathable ones prevent overheating in warm weather.

Comfort and Support
You’ll be on your feet for hours while hiking, so comfort and support are essential.  Choose shoes that fit well with extra room for your toes, and look for features like padded collars, breathable liners, and anatomic footbeds that mold to the shape of your feet. For support, rigid midsoles and firm heel counters will help stabilize your feet on uneven ground. If you have high arches or flat feet, look for shoes designed specifically
for your arch type.

Rugged, grippy outsoles provide the traction you need for walking on natural surfaces  like dirt, mud, rocks and tree roots. Look for outsoles made of durable rubber with deep, multi-directional lugs that grip the ground in all directions. For extra stability, opt for shoes with wider platforms and lower stack heights.
In general, the lighter the shoe the less fatigue you’ll experience, especially on long hikes. Most lightweight hiking shoes for women weigh between 1 to 3 pounds per pair for a size 8.5. Heavier backpacking boots usually start around 3 pounds or more. Choose the lightest shoe suitable for your needs that still provides adequate support and durability.

Additional Features
Additional useful features to consider include quick-dry laces, protective toe caps, easy- tie closures, and pull tabs for quick on and off. These extras help make hiking shoes more comfortable, convenient and practical for outdoor adventures. Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Hiking Shoes for
What type of hiking shoe is best for women?
The type of hiking shoe that is best for women depends on the terrain and activities. For light day hikes on established trails, low-cut hiking shoes are a great option as they are lightweight and flexible. For backpacking or hiking on rough terrain, mid-cut or high-cut boots provide more ankle support and protection. Waterproof shoes are ideal if hiking in wet conditions or crossing streams. Ultimately, the best type of hiking shoe for you
depends on your needs and hiking habits. 12-Best Women’s Shoes for Walking and Hiking

How do I find the right size and fit?

When trying on hiking shoes, it is important to find the right size and fit. Your shoes  should feel snug but still comfortable, with no pinching or excess room in the toe box or heel. It is best to go shoe shopping later in the day when your feet are slightly swollen.  Bring the type of socks you will wear hiking and walk around the store to make sure the shoes feel good. Your toes should have room to wiggle but not slide forward when
walking downhill. For the best fit, try on various sizes and widths to determine what feels most comfortable for your foot shape and size.

How much should I spend on a good pair of hiking shoes?

You do not need to spend a fortune on a good pair of hiking shoes, but you generally get  what you pay for. Basic hiking shoes start around $60 to $120, while high-performance shoes with technical features can cost $150 to $250 or more. For most recreational hikers, a mid-range shoe in the $100 to $170 range should work great. Look for shoes that provide good value for the money, with a durable design, water resistance, proper
support, and traction for your needs. More expensive shoes may last longer and be more comfortable for long miles, but any shoe over $200 should be carefully researched to determine if the extra features are necessary for you.

As you can see from this overview, there are many excellent hiking shoe options for women in 2025. The right pair for you will depend on your specific hiking needs and preferences. Consider fit, weight, traction, support, and durability as you evaluate the top models. Try several pairs in person to get a feel for comfort and fit. Invest in proper footwear so you can hit the trails in any terrain with confidence. With quality hiking  shoes, you’ll be ready to take on new challenges and adventures on the path ahead.

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