Boyun Village – Swat Valley (Green Top)

Baboon Village also known as Green Top. It is a beautiful and charming village located in the main center of Swat Valley in Pakistan. And it is often called a piece of heaven on earth. The village is rich in cultural heritage and natural beauty. Boyun Village – Swat Valley (Green Top)

Tucked away between verdant hills and soaring peaks, this village is a place of serenity and all around fields, and wooden houses and breathtaking views.

There is also a museum inside this village and the people here live a simple life and especially in a specific dress and the Life revolves around agriculture and livestock and people here love their animals very much.
Allah Almighty has blessed this village with natural beauty and this village is green and clean. The village has dense forests in the mountains and clean rivers and the view from the highest point of the village which is also called Green Top and its views are very attractive. Boyun Village – Swat Valley

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