Dino Valley Islamabad

Dino Valley is a famous tourist spot in Islamabad where you can experience dinosaurs for a new experience. Located in the beautiful Margalla Hills of Islamabad, Dino Valley is a very beautiful valley that you must visit. This unique concept of being able to visit with the family has drawn tourists and has become a popular tourist destination.

Many Dino Valley Islamabad are kept here and also many swings are also installed and there is a complete hotel for food and drink and it is designed according to a map and it is 45 from Islamabad. It is also known as a theme park located minutes away Located on the hills of Margalla, there is also a train and the ticket price is Rs.800 while the entry ticket is Rs.200.

This place has become very popular for picnics there are food stalls and rest rooms are also available and if you also want to visit Dino Valley then it is a once in a lifetime visit. Dino Valley Islamabad

The Dino Valley by Monal is a time-travel experience that takes visitors back to the era of the dinosaurs! Surrounded by the scenic beauty of the hills.

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