Documentary on Gwadar City

Based on your search, there are several documentaries available on Gwadar City. One notable documentary is the “Exclusive Documentary on Gwadar City” by Discover Pakistan TV[1]. This documentary provides insights into the port city of Gwadar and its significance as a hub of connectivity for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Documentary on Gwadar City

Another documentary worth mentioning is “Gwadar City and Port | From Dreamworld To Reality” by GDA (Gwadar Development Authority)[2]. This documentary explores the development of Gwadar City and Port, showcasing its transformation from a dream to a reality.

Furthermore, there is “Gwadar City | Future Of Asia’s Economy | Complete Documentary” by Gwadar CPEC[3]. This documentary highlights the potential of Gwadar City to become a major player in the Asian economy, surpassing cities like Dubai.

Lastly, “Exclusive Documentary on Gwadar City” by Discover Pakistan TV provides further insights into the city of Gwadar and its significance[4].

You can find these documentaries on YouTube by following the provided links in the footnotes. Documentary on Gwadar City

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