15- Famous Tourist Attractions in Washington DC

famous tourist attractions in Washington DC Thus, the whole world is beautiful and charming ۔And it is worth seeing everywhere ۔Washington is the only city where it is not enough to forget the monuments of white marble ۔Knowing about the museum in it۔Or to get a sense of how the local people here live in its vibrant neighborhoods ۔Washington DS is a very wonderful and green city ۔ District of Columbia is one such city ۔Which you search dozens of times ۔And have different experience with each visit  Sunrise behind the Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial ۔ Washington DS۔At the request of George Washington ۔ The capital city of America is sitting on the Potock Mac River between Maryland and Virginia ۔It is located on a specially separated land after the Revolutionary War to stop it in a state ۔This capital ۔ It is a unique national mall that has made a big plan with marble buildings, public squares, and a wonderful public walk ۔And the city was divided into four quadrants ۔ First time visitors. 15- Famous Tourist Attractions in Washington DC

1. Washantgun DS

This building has grown over the years after the construction of the central part between 1793 and 1812 ۔Here the President takes his affidavit ۔And on the other hand, the beautiful roof of Sang Mur Mur Mur offers attractive and beautiful views of the city ۔What to say about the inner part of it ۔The interior is full of frescoes, reliefs and paintings, especially the rotunda under the great cast-iron dome, with ceiling painting by Constantino Bromidae and huge paintings of scenes from American history on the walls ۔And with it is the former chamber of the House of Representatives۔It has sculptures of famous historical figures ۔
When the free tours of the Washington DS resume ۔So they can be saved online ۔Where there is an interesting exhibition on the history of the building ۔To the east of the Capitol is the Supreme Court building that extends southeast of Capitol Hill ۔In which there is a farmer’s market along with the judging Eastern Market ۔

2. Lincoln Memorial ۔

Memorial has a marble statue of President Lincoln ۔The Lincoln Memorial, the most visited and loved of all monuments in Washington, stands at the end of the mall۔At its center is a 19-foot statue of President Abraham Lincoln ۔Around which there are 36 columns ۔It is beautifully designed by the famous sculptor Daniel Chester French۔Lincoln Memorial ۔
Martin Luther King Joe Nair made his famous dream a dream of mine۔۔۔In 1963, he once again made a memorable speech here ۔Visiting other monuments of the mall is one of the favorite things to do at night in Washington DS ۔All monuments are open 24 hours a day ۔The statue of Lincoln lights up inside the dark interior of the temple at night ۔And it is decorated with floodlit white column columns ۔

3. National Mall and Veterans Memorials۔

The sprawling stretch of lawn and ponds that make up the green belt is the site of many of Washington’s historic buildings and monuments۔It is wide from Capitol Building to Memorial ۔The most prominent Washington monument is in its central location ۔And there are memorials to World War II Korean War and Vietnam veterans۔Vietnam Veterans is the name of a wall with the names of all American soldiers and women on it ۔Who sacrificed their lives ۔Or will be unknown۔The mural is one of Washington’s most visited monuments۔There is a bronze statue of a woman who helped a wounded soldier ۔They included three women۔

4. White House

The White House is the residence of the President of the United States ۔It was built in 1792 ۔And in 1814 it was burnt by the British forces ۔Then it was rebuilt in 1818 ۔In its entry tour, there are rooms in the east, blue, green and red colors ۔Every tourist going to Washington should look at this building from outside with great interest۔The White House Visitors Center has an interactive exhibition ۔Which shows a lot of detail about the presidential families and the White House ۔It includes past president’s furniture, a model of residence, historical change and videos with the president’s time there ۔

5. Washington Monument

The Washington Monument is a very beautiful sight ۔It is a 555-foot white shaft national mall ۔Especially mirrored in the long reflecting pool at its foot۔This is a beautiful high-level tower. The plan to build it was approved by Congress in 1783 ۔In 1854, the height of this tower reached 156 feet ۔But lack of funding and political strife brought the project to a halt for many years۔And more obstacles were created so that tower would end ۔

6. National Museum of Natural History

One of Washington’s most popular children’s museums, the Natural History Museum showcases the wonders of nature with permanent and ever-changing exhibits that are sure to captivate kids of all ages. Popular exhibits include the world-famous Hope Diamond and its stunning collection of gemstones and minerals surrounding it, as well as Ocean Hall, with its captivating underwater photography and a life-size replica of a North Atlantic Right whale. The hall of Human Origins showcases human evolution over 6 million years, as we evolve in response to the changing world around us. Children will love the dinosaur exhibits, as well as the Discovery Room, where they can interact with a variety of artifacts. Visit the Natural History Museum of Washington, DC on Constitution Avenue NW.

7. National Museum of American History

The National Museum of American History is one of the most well-known of the Smithsonian’s many museums, which line the mall. It tells the story of the United States since the Revolution, from Thomas Jefferson’s desk to one of Edison’s light bulbs to the original flag inspired by Francis Scott Key’s “Star Spangled Banner”. In addition to these national treasures, the museum’s exhibits explore how Americans lived, ate, worked, played, dressed, traveled, worshiped and governed. From gowns worn by First Ladies to Julia Child’s complete kitchen, from Muppets to the real ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland in the movie “Wizard of Oz,” there’s something for everyone in this engaging museum. 15- Famous Tourist Attractions in Washington DC

8. Jefferson Memorial and Tidal Basin

The design of the domed white monument to Thomas Jefferson, America’s third president, is inspired by Rome’s Roman Pantheon, whose low dome is supported by 54 onic columns. Inside, a 19-foot-tall statue of Jefferson stands in a dramatic silhouette amid the columns, and around it are engraved excerpts from the Declaration of Independence, as well as other writings. The Jefferson Memorial stands alone at the other end of the tidal pool, reflecting the monument’s surface, and cherry trees line the water’s edge. These trees are a gift from Japan and are one of Washington’s most popular attractions when they bloom in the spring, filling the basin with a carpet of pink blossoms and making it the center of the city’s annual Cherry Blossom Festival. The newest monument along the tidal basin, the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial, was unveiled in 2011. Along the Cherry Tree Walk, there are four outdoor rooms that reflect 12 years of American History. Each room is dedicated to one of FDR’s terms as he led the nation through the Great Depression, World War II, and the Great Depression.

9. National Zoological Park

The National Zoo, located in the Smithsonian’s National Park, is home to almost 2,000 animals, birds and reptiles living in habitats that mimic their natural environments as best as possible. The zoo’s several hundred species represent about a quarter of the world’s endangered species. It’s one of the best zoos in the world, not just in terms of the quality of its visitor experience but also in terms of its leadership in animal care and conservation. The giant pandas are by far the zoo’s most popular animals. They’ve been here since 1972 when they arrived from the People’s Republic of China, and they’re one of the highlights of the zoo. Other animals that are well-known to zoo-goers include the red pandas (the largest in the world), the Sumatran tiger, the western lowland gorilla, the Asian elephant, and the cheetah. Visitors can also see the multi-generational herd of Grevy’s zebras (the world’s largest grasshopper) as well as learn about the elephant’s life at both the zoo and the wild. The Amazonia 15- Famous Tourist Attractions in Washington DC

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