Ganga Choti Azad Kashmir – Pakistan

Ganga choti is the highest mountain peak near Union council birpani village bani minhasan. Ganga choti falls in the Pir panjal range at 3,045 m or 9,990 ft. It is situated between the ancient city of Chikar, which dates back to Dogra dynasty and is known for its clash-ridden history, and Bagha city, one of the prettiest districts of Bagh under the administration of Pakistan. Ganga peak, popularly known as ganga choti among the locals, is situated in the bagh district of azad Kashmir. You can see it from Bagha city, which is popularly known as the crown of bagha. The hike to the top of ganga choti takes about 4 hours as you have to pass through sudhan gali before reaching the peak. As soon as you start heading to the top of Ganga choti, you are greeted by a beautiful chilly wind that invigorates your senses and brings out the best in you. Ganga Choti Azad Kashmir – Pakistan

Gangadevi or Gangambika was a 14th century Hindu princess in the Vijayanagara Empire. Her husband, Kumara Kampana, was the son of the King of the Vijayanagar Empire. In one of the stories, Rishi Jahnu saw Ganga’s torrential waters destroying his fields and his penance was interrupted by her power, so he drank all the water to punish her. To stop her rage against those who had hurt him, she drank all the water before going to another realm and never returned. This is the origin of the Ganga River. In fact, Gangadevi gave insight into where the Ganga River starts its journey through Earth, including the mountain range from which it originates. The best time to visit Ganga Choti is during the summer season, which starts in April and ends in June. The climate remains pleasant and comfortable throughout this period, making the tour unforgettable.

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