Kutton Valley Azad Kashmir – Visit Tourist Spot

A beautiful village in the Neelam Valley of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, called kutton valley azad kashmir , also known as naleem Valley, Village is located about 98 km from the capital of Azad Kashmir. But black people live all year. Green valleys and the Neelum River flow everywhere, or waterfalls and canals, and the Neelum Valley is the main attraction. It is very attractive because of the waterfalls, peaceful environment, and amazing views. Local people are more than healthy. Hospitality is here during the summer season, during which many visitors come. And for those who are happy with the peaceful and quiet environment, many hotels, resorts, or luxury hotels have been built. It is till October; it gets very cold here in winter because the performance is very high, and it may be difficult for you to go if you also want to go to Kiran Valley Cotton Deli. From the resort, you can go to kutton valley azad kashmir, where you will also find government resorts for Rayash, and other than that, there is a very beautiful view of kutton valley azad kashmir. Kutton Valley Azad Kashmir – Visit Tourist Spot

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