Lulusar Lake Naran Kaghan – Majestic Place in Kaghan

Lulusar Lake, which is called the heart of Naran, is located on the Naran Chalas road, it comes in the A Kaghan valley, thousands of tourists visit this lake every day in summer.

Lulusar Lake is the name of a collection of high hills and lake. The lake is very long in length, and its beauty is surrounded by hills, while the water of the lake is clear as glass and Lulu Sir Lake even in summer. It is surrounded by snow, while the water of this lake is so clear that the face of a person can be seen, and the sight of the beholder is captivating.  Lulusar Lake Naran Kaghan – Majestic Place in Kaghan

This lake is located at a distance of about two hours from Naran and this lake has the advantage that people from foreign countries also come here to see this lake.

Lulusar Lake is located three and a half hundred kilometers from Mansehra, situated on the Naran Chalas Road at an altitude of 3353 meters, Lolosar Lake is located on the border of Kaghan Valley and Kohistan, an hour’s drive from the town of Naran. Birders and tourists from Russia visit this lake in large numbers every year Lulusar Lake

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