Mahodand Lake Swat Kalam – Pakistan

“Maho Dand” (Mahodand Lake) area of ​​Kalam valley of Swat is considered as one of the most beautiful lakes of Swat. Tourists visiting Swat do not go back without seeing Maho Dand. These days, when most parts of the country are experiencing severe heat, the influx of tourists from all over the country to Swat and especially Mahudand continues. Kalam is situated at a distance of 99 km from Mangalore city and 32 km from Maho Dand Kalam. The river is seen flowing all the way from Kalam to Mahodand. High waterfalls, glaciers, thick forests, natural springs can be seen on the way which make this trip more beautiful. Arriving in Mahe Dund feels like you have arrived in a beautiful country in Europe. The lake is surrounded by green pastures and the emerald water of the lake Mahodand Lake Swat Kalam – Pakistan

Makes Hussain. There are around two hundred boats in the lake in which tourists travel. The weather in Mahoudand is quite cold and cold winds blow. A tented settlement has been set up for accommodation at Maho Dand. There are plenty of small restaurants for food, including the famous trout fish.

It is now cleaning the Mahudand lake and its surroundings. After two days of continuous hard work, the Mahudand lake is now looking as clear as a mirror. Tourists are calling the timely action of DC Swat Junaid Khan and timely cleaning by WASA department as a good step. Tourists talking to Swat News said that Kalam is the top priority of tourists. But the sanitation situation here was very bad. Mahudand lake and Kalam forest used to be littered with garbage, but due to timely cleaning, the beauty of the forest and other beautiful places has now returned. Mahodand Lake Swat Kalam – Pakistan Top 10 Places in Swat Valley 

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