Miranjani Track Murree Pakistan

If you’re looking for a one-day trek, Miranjani is the highest peak in the Galiyaat region of the lower Himalayas. It’s about 9700 ft above sea level. You’ll start your trek near the famous church at Nathia Gali, where you’ll be able to see Nanga Parbat from the top. After that, you’ll take a right down the road to the T-junction, where you’ll find a white hut and a right turn to Khan Kalaan. From there, you can either go straight or take a left to reach the waterfall and the villages near it. Miranjani Track Murree Pakistan

If you’re thinking of doing this trek, make sure you have all your gear ready – the weather is going to be tough, so only go with someone who’s well-equipped and experienced. The starting point is at the 2nd T junction, where there are a few boards pointing towards Khan Kali and other projects. There’s a white hut behind it, and that’s where the trek starts. The hike starts at around 7650 feet and goes up to 9660 feet, so it’s a total of 5 km from the starting point. For regular trekkers, it’ll take 3-3.5 hours to reach the top, but for those who don’t need to take breaks, it’ll take 5-6 hours. The hike will be relatively easy at first, but it’ll get tougher towards the end. So if you’re not experienced, I wouldn’t recommend going with someone who isn’t. And don’t forget to love and respect your parents, if they’re alive! Miranjani Track Murree Pakistan

If you’re looking for a great trek, Miranjani is the place to be! People go there all year round, even in the winter when it snows. It’s full of natural beauty and wildlife, especially in August when the forest is at its wildest. It’s a pretty easy trek, especially at the start. After the halfway point, you’ll start to climb at a steeper angle, but it’s also the most remote part of the trek and you’ll see lots of colorful flowers. After that, you’ll face Kuna Danna, which is a shoulder peak. You’ll have to take a sharp U-turn and then head back to the top, or camp if you want to spend more time. There are no camping facilities or hotels on the way, but there are two open spaces where you can sit and relax, eat, or rest. Water is also available.


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