Multan: The City of Saints – Pakistan

Multan is one of the oldest cities in Pakistan Where we find mention of Multan in the modern histories of this region, this city is also mentioned by the courtiers of Alexander the Great in their writings. Although poets and experts belonging to Multan city have mentioned the tradition of Multan city due to its association with Multan in such a way that The history of Multan is as old as the history of man himself, if you consider the grandeur of Multan, then the whole world of Pakistan and India can be contained in it. Hunted and erased from the pages, Multan: The City of Saints – Pakistan

It was alive thousands of years ago and it is still alive today. Hundreds of attackers who tried to destroy Multan from the page got destroyed, today no one remembers their name, but Multan is still alive today with all its sanctity, but our great city of Multan and Masjid have become angels.

Although a Multani has written as an expression of his love for Multan city, but the facts are contrary to it, even though the history of the subcontinent tells us that Multan city was one of the ancient cities, but such an ancient city never existed. Not even as much as our Multani brothers do because of their love for the city of Multan
Shaykh-ul-Islam Hazrat Bahauuddin Zakaria Multani (RA) did not say such a thing

What was that entity itself about Multan and what was this immortal lion؟ What was his own place and bar؟ And what services did he do for humanity؟ Not an article to describe this, but a number of books are needed ، Some books about Zechariah’s personality and services are found in the market. Mager is the level of the status of the articles mentioned in it ، Zechariah has to know again and rediscover ۔ This work is done by research institutes ، The Department of Endowments, especially Zakaria Sly, wants to be performed by Bahaiuddin Zakaria University. What should be said to be ironic that the University of Zechariah has been a long time before today Zechariah set up a chair and put it in the closet wearing cover, not a fund, no staf and no work ، In Ardo, it is called blind and seraiki under the lamp ، ’’Brothers have been unable to manage a room, a bathroom or a tank water for visitors, providing facilities at night ‘ ‘ and the Department of Endowments۔ Now some mention is to be made by Hazrat Bahaiuddin Zakaria Miltani Sly, Ghavith al-Aulman ، Sheikh al-Islam Hazrat Bahaiuddin Zakaria Miltani 27ramadan 566h Hazrat Molana Vijihahuddin Muhammad Karishi, father Majid died in Sajir Sunni ، In the state of Yatami, the stages of education and training were taken and in a very young age, Azam traveled ، Arriving in Baghdad, Hazrat Shahabuddin Sehrordi received spiritual duty from Himmatullah ، Sehurardi Sala gave Kharqa Khilafah and delivered you to Multan to work for the religion ، In Multan, the Hindus were dominated these days, and Pahilad G himself was Mohad, and the death of Hanad G on the mug of the war with his king father, who denied God Sanctuary years later, his temple prevailed over Prbat and the temple of Pahlad G was made the center of Hinduism, reaching Multan and starting to preach، Disgusting people from the inhumane attitudes of the civilized temples of the crowded temple began to enter the circle of Islam by reaching the service of the jouq in the service of Juk Hazrat ، You initially founded Madrasta al-Islam and later gave him the status of the world’s largest first Iqmati university, you started preaching with education ، What I want to say is that someone has picked up the bed and someone has picked up Kalashnikov to teach religion today ، What procedure did Hazrat Bahaiuddin Zakaria Miltani (Rah) take in comparison؟ This is a matter of consideration ۔

King Member of the world

Ghavith al-Aalman, with higher education at his university, has a variety of global languages, such as Sanskrit, Bengali, Sindhi, Persian, Arabic, Jadi, Burmese ، Established areas of maritime and Indonesian, etc ، And the students of the said languages, adorned with education and formed groups and sent these groups to different countries in the form of parties for trade and preaching ۔ In the case of thousands of victims for trade, self-investment and directing sustenance is to trade to achieve halal and to preach to God’s pleasure ، Advise the delegations five things before departure۔ 1۔Don’t forget the principles of Islam in trade۔ 2۔ Selling things at low cost profit 3۔ Don’t sell bad things at all but tilting them ۔ 4۔ Present from the buyer with extreme nobility and morals۔ 5۔ Don’t speak Islam on them until people are aware of your words and character۔ At the same time, the Narrator River flowed with the ancient fortress of Multan and had the status of a port, not just the scorching through the boats, Mansura, Iraq, Iran ، Egypt’s bill would have been a trade of Delhi and Dakin, thus giving Multan the world the status of a large scientific trade and religious center and not just India but the whole world I received the name and message of Hazrat Bahaiuddin Zakaria Multani (Rah)، From your message, millions of people became a whispers of Islam and you built a house in the hearts of the people in such a way that despite the passage of eight centuries, millions of people still have barefoot and servants Walk the bill and attend your sleeves and shower the flowers of devotion۔ In front of me, there is a few art of Miltan’s famous artist, Sai Goshan Hashmi ، In these works, efforts have been made to make the conservatism of Fort Multan clear through pencil work ‘‘ The fort’s fasil is visible ، The map of the crowded temple is present in the form of a pre-discovery, and at the court of King Member of the world, Anwar is also the Holy Aphrodisiac ۔ How old is the fort Multan؟ It is said to be five thousand years old but it may be even older ، All historians agree that the existence of Multan and Fort Multan dates back to the pre-history giant Malay period ، Sadly, the attackers have always targeted the fort and returned well after it was conquered, the mugger would not have been born to restore it Ski, 1200 BC Destroyed him ،325 BC Alexander the Great ascended it, then the Arab Afghan Sukh and the British invaders left no stone unturned in destroying the ancient fortress of Multan ، Now it is the duty of all the inhabitants of the children of Multan and Sarajevo Vasib to consider their previous shortcomings and to compensate for the five thousand-year abuses with their Vasib and to compensate for their own abuses Deliver greatness to Rafta۔ History tells us that Multan is not the only city and the name of an empire ۔372 The book ’’ Limited Al-Alam bin Al-Masherq Al-Magharb ‘ ’ The boundaries of Multan are written in the book ’ Sir al-Matabrin ’ ‘ I have stated in this way that the boundaries of Iqlim Multan are more spacious than Multan I and III Iqalim because Thatha has grown more in this province from Ferrozpur to Sostan The four hundred and thirty coss is long and one hundred and eight coss wide from the chattor to the jaisalmer, on the other hand, there are six hundred and sixty cosses up to the long catch and the macaron, its dry ﴿ east ﴾ attitude of the government Serend is found in the northern river noise and in the southern province of Ajmer and in the bakhtar ﴿ west ﴾ in caches and macars ۔ Abulfazal has described the boundaries of the province of Multan in his famous scholar, the Constitution of Akbari ، Prior to the accession of Thatha with the province of Multan, the province was from Ferrozpur to Sostan to Sostan. The province of Ketch after the accession of Khatpur to Jaisalmer And it widened to Makran, its distance was ⁇ Karwa ، In the east, its borders were met by the Serbian government from Peshawar in the north to the province of Ajmer in the south and the catch Makran in the west ، Ketch and Makran were first included in the province of Sindh, three governments in the province of Multan were ﴿ Multan special Diapalpur and Bhakr ﴾ and yesterday the pickup Prague ﴿ Grace ﴾۔ History on the breadth and greatness of Multan is still jealous today, we are hardly a city in the world of Multan’s conservatism ، Cities in Pakistan that have been artificially built many times larger cities than Multan، A few hundred years ago today, these were the suburban settlements of Multan. Martyrdomed by Hazrat Data Ganjakh (Rah) in his book ’’ ‘ ‘’ Lahore by side Multan’‘ has been firm ۔ Persian Lion with reference to Multan ‘’ Chir Chastat Gift Multan ، In terms of heat ‘‘ ’’ Grame ‘ Researchers should consider by quitting the talk of Garme ‘<TAG1><TAG1> in the world’s rich Kabir city ، Who changed the great civilization of the world and the great empire of the world to Goristan ؟ Who made the kings of Wasib an ass in the black wind of oppression؟ When researchers research, they will see today’s entire Pakistan ancient empire، In history ’’Spit Sindho‘ ‘ ﴿ The mention of the land of the seven rivers is also the same as the Seraiki area and is where the seven rivers come from the area in which the valley is located Sindh is also called in the Sariiki area, the literal meaning of Sindhi is also the river ۔Today, the people of Seraiki Vasib have become despicable and migratory in their own region, their condition has not been like this in the last centuries, they had their own empires and kingdoms، For example, the empire of Multan, the state of Baha’ulpur and the Dirah Ghazakhan, etc., also needs to consider the ancient empire of the world, the province from the empire ، District from the province to division and division and how to make only two Tehsil ﴿ Jalalpur, Shajaabad ﴾؟ Until the research and research process begins, the next destination will not be determined ۔ Long before Karachi, a research book in English was published under the name Paradise of Godeke ۔ The book reads a lot about the ancient region of Multan﴿ Vadi Sindh ﴾ if research institutes at Sarajevo Vassab came into being and through their investigation to the conservatism of the region Bring to the fore, today’s Europe, which considers itself a human being and the rest of the world ، It will also be a shame when the people of Europe are civilized ، The region was also active in inventions, even when it was not familiar with the meaning of civilization and wisdom, and the region itself has the Sharaf that here is man and animal Distinguish, the book Paradise of Godde writes that this is the region where 1۔ For the first time, man learned to walk on his two feet۔ 2۔ Where the first kingdom of the world ﴿ Chandra song Moria ﴾ was established۔ 3۔Where the first boat was made from the reeds ۔ 4۔Where art was first invented۔ 5۔ Where for the first time the world was inspired by cotton clothes ۔ 6۔ The invention of the pitcher and architecture was invented۔ 7۔Where the scale of the Ozan measurement first came into being ۔ 8۔ Where rivers ﴿ Dhand ﴾ Dam drains, wow made and canals were drawn۔ 9۔Where human beings have always fought the attackers, they died, their mother did not sit down۔ In addition to saving the amni city of Multan of such a great civilization and such a large national heritage, there is a need to save its dirted history and its ancient relics ۔The ancient fort is one of the remains of the ancient relics of Multan, Seraiki Vasib ۔ A few days ago, news was published in the newspapers that the fort was decided to build a grid station on the Kahasim Garden, the authors of Wassab in Haram Jhuk Sariki, the decision ، An emergency meeting of poets and intellectuals was held ، The meeting decided that if the decision to build the grid station was not returned, the people of Wassab would protest hard and not hesitate to give their lives ، It is gratifying that the district of Nazim Multan Sheikh Faisal Mukhtar assured that the grid station on the fort would not be allowed to be built in any case. Mager District Moder said on the fort No matter the end of the already encroachments, our request is to restore the true status of the fort thousands of years old and the police station ، The stadium and telephone poles should be removed and all the encroachments of the fort should be removed and added to the fort ، The federal and provincial government, along with the district government, will also play a role in this regard ۔ The provincial and federal government-administered archaeologists receive a budget of millions each year. A large portion of the Magar budget is spent on Lahore ، In addition to the archeological department on the restoration of the royal fort, the provincial government also grants a separate special grant, so far billions have been spent on the royal fortress of Lahore ، Now the government has handed over further restoration of the royal castle to UNICEF. UNICEF will now spend on the royal castle in the form of dollars instead of rupees ، Although the conservatism of Fort Multan is not hundreds of but thousands of years old from the royal fort of Lahore ، There is a need for similar measures to be taken by Fort Multan and other archeological sites of Sarajevo Vasib such as the shrines of Och, the Patan Minara, the Fortress ، And for the fort, etc., Magar is to do this, not to Faisal Mukhtar alone, but to all members of the Wassab, district moderators, together ، This charity is not right and no one will give it by putting it on the plate۔For this, every man in Wassab has to struggle, if the mother does not give her baby milk without crying, who will ask the people of Wassab؟Now the problem, like parrots, will not be solved without having to become a problem without a problem۔It has a heavy responsibility for the writers, poets, intellectuals and politicians, as well as the common man himself ۔That it is to see him play his role as to who goes ahead and gets a redroe, Multan: The City of Saints – Pakistan

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