murree Nathia Gali The Magic of Namli Falls

In Pakistan’s only nature tour, “Muri Nithia Gully” is a special place, where the beautiful Nimli waterfall falls from the heights of the mountains. This waterfall burns like a jewel hidden in the depths and affects the earth’s hearts. murree Nathia Gali The Magic of Namli Falls

“Mari Nithia Gully” is located near an old hospital, in the north-eastern part of Pakistan. The “Nammli” waterfall that emerges from the mountains here is a delightful sight of the Murnithiya street.

Waterfall features:
Namli Falls is a majestic and romantic place that emerges from the shimmering mountains. The water of the waterfall flows through a forest of beautiful trees and gives a feeling of heights from the height of the falls.

Namli Falls is considered as one of the romantic spots around “Muri Nithiya Gali”. With jeweled mountains and fresh breeze, this waterfall makes the heart very happy.

Tourist season:
The tourist season in “Muri Nithiya Gali” is generally effective, when the ground is covered with snow and the mountains are covered with snow. The scenic beauty here is one of the best opportunities for land travel.

Travel Experience:
Going through Namli Falls is an official experience which is the fact that nature blesses us with its beauty. The shadows of the water, the silence of the rocks of the mountains, and the stars shining in the sky, everything here puts you into the series.

Namli Falls at Murnithia Street is a scenic spot that attracts thousands of tourists every year. By visiting this magical place, you can fill your life with bright and beautiful moments. murree Nathia Gali The Magic of Namli Falls

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