Panjpeer Rocks – Kotli Sattian, Islamabad

Punjpeer Rocks is located in Nanar, a village of Kahota, about two and a half hours from Islamabad, its height is 5900 feet and it is a completely different type of rock, it is called Punjpeer for that reason. Because 5 pir used to live in this area and because of that this place is known as Panj pir. Panjpeer Rocks – Kotli Sattian, Islamabad

On reaching the height, the view is different, there is a deep gorge below the cut rock and the view of the river flowing in the distance is very attractive.

Tourists usually go here by vehicles etc. as it is easy to reach Nanar village but after that the path is short and broken and rocky so from there you have to walk to the top, but 4×4 jeeps and motorbikes can go to the top.
The journey from Islamabad to Kahota is about 40 kms and the road is very clean, there are some small patches but it is easily passable, and Panjpir is about 30 kms from Kahota.

I often like to go somewhere nice for barbq so this time we chose Panj Pir Rocks, I left Lahore and informed my friends based in Islamabad to get ready, Barbie Q had taken his luggage with him from Lahore and reached Islamabad, gathered his friends there and started his journey from there.

As I am a biker and like to tour on bike, this tour was also on motorcycle, me and my friends reached Kahota city through Kahota road from where we bought our necessary equipment, water, bottle, milk etc. Bought because it was impossible to get these items from there after reaching the top.

Started the journey again and started climbing from Kahota road to the left towards Nanar village, the road was very beautiful and peaceful surrounded by trees, after walking for a while there was another turn to go further up to the right and some more. The friends were behind, I stood there waiting for the friends and took some pictures, all the friends got together and continued the journey to Nanar village, from there the unique Panj Pir rocks had started. Black-cut strange rocks,

There was a bridge ahead of the village as far as the car could go, etc., usually traveling ⁇ people on foot but if we were on a motorcycle then the habit was forced to ride a bike on such a path It was fun to run. We comfortably reached the top with this rocky, broken and small path and breathed peace، All the fatigue was gone by looking at the heartful view there،

A friend and I were busy making Vivo’s Tatavir and the rest of the friends started protesting Barbie Q، In a while when the coal warmed up, the friend went to Angithi as soon as his voice came and started making barbecue، As well as becoming a barque, as well as the magic was going on،

A pinch of baby and sitting there we started eating and a few moments later a friend got up and pulled out his camera and started taking pictures، Because they are very good photographers, they were asked to make pictures of them that they made very heartily and very beautiful،

The sun was falling in the evening and the sunset scene was that never saw such a beautiful evening in life، All friends went to the shore and were busy making pictures with sunset and a friend went to try to make tea on the coals، I don’t like tea, I just drink black coffee but the fun of drinking tea with friends was different، We finished and immediately tied our luggage and loaded on the motorcycle and got out of there، Ristle because it was difficult and the effort went out before the darkness but it was dark to come out, on the return the same chopped rocks were offering an extreme horrible scene،

Named O Allah and moving towards return، Down the village, descending to Kahota Road and moving a little further, on a petrol pump, Perek Lai Patrol Dolaya and stood for a while and headed back to Islamabad، My two friends are very eager for tea, taking them to a tea hotel on the Islamabad Expressway. There was some relaxing tea and goodbye to each other And he went to Islamabad and I to Lahore in his house..

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