Pipeline Trek — Nathia Gali – Murree

The pipeline track that was built during the British era. It is located in Donga Street. This track goes from Donga Gali to Ayobia. Its distance is about five kilometers, this track is very easy to walk. The altitude of this trek is around 8200 feet and it takes around 40 to 50 minutes. It is also equipped with a safety wire so that you cannot fall down. And the beautiful and charming views here and the weather here make you feel very good. This place is mostly covered in fog and clouds. One to two feet of snow falls here in winters. Pipeline Trek — Nathia Gali – Murree

. A pipeline track has been laid down on a pipeline track, which has been running since the time of the British, due to which this place is also called Pipeline Track and this place is located at a distance of about thirty kilometers from Murree. The famous place is Donga street where its route goes and its entry ticket is 50 rupees. Overcrowding is not allowed and seating is provided on the track. Here at the end of the trek you find a cave. Which is very beautiful. And the special thing about this track is that it is straight and everyone can come here. It is considered to be a very beautiful track as cleanliness is taken care of here. Pipeline Trek — Nathia Gali – Murree

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