Top 7- Places To Visit in Hunza Valley

A hilly valley in Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan province’s north is called the Hunza Valley. It is renowned for its breathtaking landscape, which includes snow-capped mountains, emerald valleys, and glistening rivers. Hunza’s inhabitants are renowned for leading healthy lifestyles and living long lives. Top 7- Places To Visit in Hunza Valley

From April through October, when the weather is bright and sunny, is the ideal time to explore Hunza Valley. But when the mountains are covered in snow in the winter, the valley is also lovely.

It would be wrong to compare this valley to heaven with its snow-capped mountains around it. positioned 100 kilometers away from Gilgit-Baltistan. Hunza Wadi. It is situated inside the Gilgit-Baltistan district and has an area of seven thousand square kilometers.

Aliabad is Hunza’s most significant city, whereas Karimabad in and its surrounds are well-known for tourism. Raka Poshi, Deeran Peak, Golden Peak, Altar Peak, and Lady Finger Peak are well-known mountains in the area of Hunza. Karimabad’s bazaar was embellished with Hunza cultural memorabilia. Spend the entire day in Manapan, a picturesque settlement at the base of Rakaposhi, is highly recommended. As they approach the beautiful valleys of Nomal and Naltar, visitors lose themselves and meld into

Rakaposhi Peak

A mountain in Pakistan’s Karakoram range is known as Rakaposhi Peak. With a height of 7,788 meters (25,551 ft), it is the 27th-highest peak in the world. In the Nagar Valley, about 100 kilometers (62 miles) north of Gilgit, is Rakaposhi.

Rakaposhi is a name that means “Shining Wall” in the Burushaski language. peak climbers and trekkers love going to the peak because of its natural beauty. Places To Visit in Hunza Valley


The Hunza district’s capital is Karimabad in which lies in Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan province. It is situated in the stunning and isolated Hunza Valley, which is encircled by snow-capped mountains. A well-liked getaway, Karimabad is renowned for its breathtaking surroundings, welcoming locals, and traditional culture.
aerial view of Karimabadopens a fresh window aerial view of Karimabad

The Hunza Valley Museum, the Baltit Fort, the Altit Fort, and other historical and cultural landmarks can all be found in a town of winding lanes and tiny alleys. Additionally, Karimabad is a well-liked starting place for hikes to the Rakaposhi Peak and the Diran Peak in the the Karakoram region Mountains. top tourist places in hunza valley


Altit Fort

Baltit Fort

Attabad Lake

Rush Lake

Sost Border

Submit Gulmit

Borith Lake

Eagle Nest Duiker

Top 7- Places To Visit in Hunza Valley, naran kaghan places 

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