Ratti Gali Lake Azad Kashmir- All You Need to Know

Ratigali Lake – Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir Located at an altitude of 12130 feet above the sea level, Ratigali Lake is a dream destination for every tourist visiting Kashmir. Ratigali Lake, known as the queen of fairies, is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, the beauty of which is difficult to describe in words. If this lake is called Jhomar of the forehead of Neelam Valley, it will not be out of place.Ratti Gali Lake Azad Kashmir- All You Need to Know

Located in the Neelam valley, this Ratigali lake is a beautiful and priceless gift of nature, surrounded by tall mountains, wide green plains, blue water of the lake and frozen snow on the banks, beautiful flowers add to the beauty and charm of this lake. are

When the pieces of the glacier break and fall into the lake, it looks like a swan is swimming. In the heart of the idols talking to the sky, the adjacent area of ​​Ratigali lake with the beautiful colors of nature and hundreds of scattered colors of nature invite the tourists who come here.
Due to its high altitude, Ratigali Lake is accessible to tourists only for about three to four months of the year. Which is roughly the months of July to October. The best season to visit the lake is August and September. Due to snowfall at any time in October and November, the lake is closed, which then opens next season after June.

Tourists who come to see this natural lake of Neelam Valley, 115 kilometers away from Muzaffarabad, come by car to the place of Dwarian. (Muzaffarabad to Dwarian is about 3.5 hours journey) To reach the lake from Dwarian one has to cover 16 km by jeep, thus in 3 hours you reach the base camp. It is about a 45 minute trek to reach the lake from the base camp. If you can do hiking then go on foot otherwise horse riding is also available from the base camp to the lake.

Standing guard around the blue frozen waters of the headland were the snows of Parvadi Kaghan, the black mountains with peaks covered with white snow, in which there was a Saif al-Muluk, where a prince had lost his heart to a fairy, and in whose dark cave Prince Saif-ul-Muluk and the Badawi Jamala were still refugees and where the evil giant, wandering in search of the Badawi Jamala, stepped on the foot of the Piala Lake, which is still present on the road near Jhalkad and a little further on, turn left. The head lake was the green waters of Nilgoon Lake, Andhi Lake and a little less than a hundred kilometers from this Andhi Lake was the queen of lakes, Rati Gali Lake!

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