Samundar Katha Lake – Wonderful Lake in Nathia Gali

Samundar Katha Lake which is located a few kilometers from Nithia Gali near Bara Gali. This lake is located about 97 km from Islamabad and about 35 km from Abbottabad. This lake is famous for its natural beauty. Where millions of tourists visit here every year. Samundar Katha Lake which is a new destination for tourists. Near the lake you will find basic facilities like hotel, and all food and drink facilities. Samudra Katha Lake is a very beautiful place for tourists. You can also come here by jeep or your own car. Samundar Katha Lake

There are various activities for tourists here

  • Zip line,
  • Motor boating

Zipline, Samundar Katha Lake Zipline has a length of 300 meters and a weight limit of 80 kg per person. Its charges are five hundred rupees. You can also do camping at this place, fishing is not allowed here
It is an adventure park where you can have fun.

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