Shakarparian National Park Shakarpariyan Hills

shakarparian hills Islamabad shakarparian national park shakarparparian national park is another one of the most popular tourist spots in the beautiful city of Islamabad. Located near the Zero point interchange on Garden Avenue, Islamabad, Pakistan, it was built in the early 1960’s and given the President’s blessings on 24 May 1960 by General Mohammad Ayyub Khan, it covers a large area at an altitude of 1,998 feet. Let’s talk about Shakarparian park Islamabad, each of which is significant in its own way. Just like how Shakarparian differs from other parks in a number of ways, those who like quiet, serene places full of greenery and a variety of exotic flowers, will find Shakarparian to be like paradise. Attractions for families at Shakarparian Shakarparian National Park Shakarpariyan Hills

The Shakarparian Hill Park is a popular tourist destination in Islamabad, offering stunning views of the city, a variety of attractions such as jogging tracks, monuments and museums, picnic spots, and refreshments. It is located in the center of Islamabad and is open from dawn to dusk, with no entrance fee. The park is home to the Pakistan Monument Museum Islamabad, which is a must-see for all age groups. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of activities at the park, such as a children’s play area, jogging track, rose garden, and several restaurants and cafes. The top guests can also take in the view of the Islamabad city from the top of Shakarparian Hills, especially around evening time. On March 23, the Park held its Parade Ceremony with great success.

shakarparian national park is one of Islamabad’s first tourist attractions. It is a huge green haven for people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The Pakistan Monument and Lok Virsa heritage museum are inside the park’s perimeter. A terraced garden surrounded by beautiful trees at an altitude of 609 meters offers the best views of the city especially in the evening. There are a few cafes and restaurants inside the park so you don’t have to go out for refreshments. The 1969 Café and Yogi Haus and breeze restaurant are just a few steps away from the Pakistan Monument. There are jogging paths and walks for tourists and locals who like to exercise in the park. The best thing about Shakarparian is that a small section of the park is dedicated to dignitaries who want to plant a tree to symbolize peace and prosperity in Pakistan. The Pakistan Parade is held in the Parade Area of Shakarparian on March 23 of every year. Shakarparian National Park Shakarpariyan Hills

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