Shangrila Resort Skardu- Pakistan

Gilgit-Baltistan, such a huge land, whose every color, every valley is its own example in its beauty and charm. James Hilton’s “Lost Horizon”, Milton’s, Lost Paradise, Blue Moon Valley, Shangri-La. Where lions come roaring from the mountains, even the Indus river is not allowed to be insolent. If you leave Skardu, on Gilgit-Skardu road, there is a distance of about 25 kilometers along the Indus river, the charming, quiet and peaceful Kachura valley surrounded by mountains.

Where one gets such peace as if one is sitting in paradise. The rushing river Indus, blowing foam from narrow gorges and mountains, becomes calm after reaching here, as if it has found its destination. The Nilags, and the Rupahla, the lion river, flows silently. Quiet, valley At the foothills of Kachura mountains is the paradise of the smiling world, “Shangrila”.

At the foothills of the mountains is a heart-shaped lake, also known as Lower Kachura Lake. Brigadier Islam Khan, the first commander of the Northern Scouts who fought the freedom war against the Dogars in 1948, established Baltistan’s first restaurant in the area in 1983 called Shangri-La. Due to which this area is known as Shangri-La all over the world. Shangri-La is a Chinese word that means paradise on earth. Shangri-La is named after James Hilton’s book ‘Lost Horizon’.

British writer James Hilton wrote the famous novel Last Horizon in 1934. In this novel, a ship crashes in the snow-covered mountains. Passengers are fortunately safe live, who after wandering in the snowy valleys for several days reached La Ma Serai in the Shangri-la valley of Mount Karakal. Caracal literally means Blue Moon or Blue Moon. Due to this, Shangri-La was also called the Blue Moon Valley. Lama Sarai is called a Buddhist monastery, where lamas are educated and trained and accommodation and food facilities are provided for travelers and guests.

. There is also a crashed plane in Shangrila’s green, the DC of Orient Air Liner. Three aircraft, while flying from Skardu, crash-landed in the Indus River. Brigadier Islam Khan bought the defunct aircraft for one and a half hundred rupees. It It took almost three months to be dragged from the crash site. Now there is a coffee shop in it. The green areas of Shangri-La Resort are spread around half of the shore of Lower Kachora Lake. The beautiful pagoda-like building of the dining hall on a platform built in the water of the lake with glass walls. The water of Shangri-La Lake is very clear, fish can be easily seen in it.

The Blue Moon Valley of James Hilton’s famous novel The Lost Horizon gave birth to many Shangri-Las in the world. Being captivated by James Hilton’s Shangri-La, US President Roosevelt named the US President’s official entertainment center Shangri-La, and President Eisenhower named it Camp David in 1953.

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