Taxila Museum – Collection of Gandharan Art

Taxila Museum is located in Taxila Tehsil of Rawalpindi. It is an on-site museum and contains mainly Gandhara art. There are ancient cultural relics in Taxila. The sites here date back to 600 BC and 700 BC. Taxila Museum – Collection of Gandharan Art

According to sources, Taxila Museum is one of the most beautiful museums in Pakistan. The work of Taxila Museum started in 1918. This museum has a lot of useful information for tourists and students of history. The museum has a large number of artefacts related to the cultural history of the city. Taxila a historical

There is a city. Artifacts such as Gandhara stone, gold, silver and jewelery stones, stationery, household items, toiletries, coins, tools and other items are found here. Taxila Museum – Collection of Gandharan Art

Taxila Museum Timing 

The timing of the Taxila Museum is mentioned below: 

Season   Day   Timing 
Summers  Sunday to Monday   9 am to 4 pm 
Winters   Sunday to Monday  8:30 am to 5 pm 

Artefacts at Taxila Museum

When you visit the Taxila Museum, you will find a variety of artefacts belonging to different areas. Here is the list of artefacts available in the museum now.  

  • Stone Sculptures 
  • Stucco and Terracotta Sculptures 
  • Gold and Silver Jewellery 
  • Coins 
  • Crockery 
  • Inscriptions and Writing Materials 
  • War Weapons 
  • Metal Wares and Miscellaneous Items 

The museum has three large halls. The main hall is relatively large, in the center of which is a replica of a stupa discovered inside the “Mohra Murad”. This hall has stone carved idols and other objects made of stone while the southern hall exhibits miscellaneous items including items made of iron, copper and stone and fire-baked pottery and toys. Two rooms in the main hall contain coins, silverware, jewelry and a replica of a sleeping creator. Another room has gold ornaments. All the artefacts decorated in the museum have been excavated from the valley of Taxila.

Taxila is a historical city with traces of antiquities found here. These include Gandhara Stone, Gold, Silver and Jewelery Stones, Stationery, Domestic Household Items, Toiletries, Coins, Tools and other items. Taxila Museum – Collection of Gandharan Art

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