Toli Peer Rawalakot – Azad Kashmir – Pakistan

This hill is about 8418 feet above the sea level and is situated in the northeastern part of Ralakot in Poonch district of Azad Kashmir. It is about 30 km from Rawalakot in Kashmir and about 40 minutes from the main city. Moreover, Banjosa Lake is a major attraction for Toli Peer . Many hotels and resorts are the best place for tourists where the weather is very pleasant especially in summer Toli Peer Ravalakut is a special feature of the village where lakhs of people come here for family outings in summer. The tall mountain is Toli Peer . Which is located in the North East.


Three mountain ridges are formed here. The resort for tourists on the way to Toli Peer is located in a natural location. A very old shrine is also located here. October to March are the coldest months, while April to September is the region’s natural beauty. The sweetest place is Toli Peer, the sight of which the heart does not return. This is a point that you can visit with kids and family.

Toli Peer is one of the most beautiful and famous places in Jammu and Kashmir, where every year lakhs of tourists from Azad Kashmir and various cities of Pakistan and other countries come for recreation – nine thousand feet above sea level. Toli Peer is one of the beautiful tourist spots in the region called Azad Kashmir, which is no less than a paradise for tourists, a place where one can temporarily forget the worries of the world and visit the beautiful valleys of Kashmir. One becomes intoxicated by the enchantment of the towering idols, beautiful valleys and enchanting meadows – but unfortunately, in this beautiful tourist destination where the amenities are lacking.

Traditional omens of deprivation and backwardness loom large, while the road connecting it to other parts of the country is extremely narrow and dilapidated – making it extremely difficult for tourists from faraway places. Difficulty is encountered – the narrowness of the road and the extremely dangerous turns force the tourists to recite Kalma Tayyaba helplessly instead of enjoying themselves – traveling on this dangerous road is like traveling in the well of death – Toli Peer Rawalakot – Azad Kashmir – Pakistan

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