Top Waterfalls in Naran Kaghan – 2023

Naran Kaghan located in the most beautiful province of Pakistan which is very close to nature. There are so many waterfalls if you go to Naran, you will see the most waterfalls everywhere. We will take you today to discover four amazing waterfalls that have a lot of beauty on this trip. It is a fun. Naran, which is the most beautiful and beautiful place in Pakistan, where the best waterfalls are located only in Naran. Top Waterfalls in Naran Kaghan

Kiwi Falls

Kui is a village near which a picturesque waterfall is a real sight to see and as the water cascades beautifully from the rocky cliffs it is very close to nature and there is a serene beauty here surrounded by greenery. And this waterfall also provides a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Sharan Waterfall

This waterfall is tucked away in the beautiful Sharan valley. This is a charming and hidden waterfall that is waiting to be discovered as the water cascades over the rocks giving a dramatic display of power and beauty and a beautiful waterfall surrounded by lush green surroundings and lush vegetation gives you a Provides a serene background.

Dangar Waterfall

Located near Dungagli village, this magnificent waterfall is a testament to the raw power of nature. And it creates a breathtaking spectacle in the form of water cascades from its height and it awakens a distinct magic to the visitors. It is surrounded by mountains and dense forests. It comes in the valley of Naran and if you are also interested then you can visit this waterfall

Lalazar Waterfall

This waterfall is located in Naran. This waterfall, which gently trickles down the rocks, gives you a sense of relief and is surrounded by all kinds of meadows. Top Waterfalls in Naran Kaghan – 2023

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