Tour to Naran kaghan – Pakistan

The area from Balakot to Babu Sir Top is called Kaghan Valley. This valley (from Balakot to Babu Sir Top) is spread over 800 square kilometers. Balakot is the gateway to this valley, which is 7500 feet (2134 m to 4173 m) above sea level and has a length of about 150 km. It has 9 small big lakes and its peaks are as high as 17 thousand feet. Kaghan Valley is named after the town “Kaghan” which itself is a very beautiful town. Kaghan Valley is home to the following nations. Gujjar (majority), Swati, Sadat, Mughal, Kashmiri, Kohistani while Hindiko, Gujri, Pashto, Punjabi, Saraiki and Urdu are spoken and understood here. Tour to Naran kaghan – Pakistan

Is. The famous sports of this valley are Kabaddi, Shikai and Cricket. Wheat, Maize, Rice, Peas, Potatoes, Potatoes and Cabbage are the notable crops here but only 5% of the cultivable area is in the whole area so the production is very low. Fruits include walnuts, apples, apricots and jujubes. There are many walnut trees. From Balakot to Naran, there are walnut trees along the road, if you go in August, these trees will be bearing walnuts. Walnut bark is used for dandase. In the forests of the valley, there are pine, pine, kikar, biaro khapal trees. A wonderful plant “Chow” is found here

It is known that if it is sniffed, a person immediately faints. Perhaps this is the reason why tourists wandering in this area have a dull and dizzy look. Horses, mules, donkeys, cheetahs, nafas, bears, roosters, deer, chakurs, bulbuls, muskrats and partridges are found in Kaghan Valley. The valley is rich in local culture, folk sands, folk music and folk wisdom. Even today, the folk romantic stories of Darshi Munshi, Prince Saif Al-Mulk and Pari Badi Al-Jamal and Sohni and Lala are popular with the people of the valley. Some local people even get paid by telling these stories to tourists. These folk traditions are passed down from breast to breast and this heritage is passed on from generation to generation. Tour to Naran kaghan – Pakistan

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