What is The Highest Point in Naran Kaghan?

The Queen of the Mountains, Malika Parbat, is the tallest point in Naran Kaghan. It is a 5,290-meter (17,360-foot) peak close to Ansoo Lake that sits about 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) south of Lake Saiful Muluk. From the popular tourist attraction of Lake Saiful Maluk in Kaghan Valley, the mountain is clearly visible. Both the Batakundi-Dadar Chitta glacier and the Naran-Lake Saiful Muluk side offer access to Malika Parbat. Malika Parbat (North Peak), Malika Parbat Cresta, and Malika Parbat (South Peak) are the three meetings that make up this mountain range.

Babusar Pass, which rises to a height of 4,170 meters (13,690 feet), is the second-highest point in Naran Kaghan. It is a well-liked tourist destination and is situated on the Mansehra-Naran-Babusar-Chillas highway. top tourist places in naran kaghan

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