Why is Pakistan Behind in Tourism?

Countless countries around the world build their economies by promoting and managing tourism, with billions of dollars in annual revenue generated from tourism. Why is Pakistan Behind in Tourism?

Pakistan’s tourism sector has tremendous potential. The country is home to some of the world’s highest mountains, lakes and natural landscapes, and is a popular tourist destination for both domestic and international travelers. As a developing country, tourism has been heavily promoted in recent years to boost economic growth and improve the overall quality of life for the country’s citizens.

Currently, Pakistan has the fastest growth rate in tourist arrivals in the world, and it is said that tourism should be a key component of Pakistan’s growth strategy. While the tourism sector is on the rise, Pakistan’s overall economic and social development has not been as successful as it could be.

However, the tourism industry in Pakistan faces many challenges. Drawing on research conducted in Pakistan, this paper examines the challenges that the tourism industry faces. The study finds that the tourism industry is affected by infrastructure, security issues and inflation rates.

After the United States, Spain and France are the second and third largest tourism earners, earning $68 and $62 billion annually, respectively.

Tourism is in accordance with human nature and is a source of burning knowledge. In the Holy Quran, the creator of the universe gave a signal to discover his universe by commanding “Asiro fi al-arz”. After two days, the Tourism Day is being celebrated with the determination to make this holy land better and to create employment opportunities by making its beautiful corners attractive to local and foreign tourists. will do In Pakistan in general and in Punjab in particular, there is a lot of scope to take tourism to its peak. Tourism is undoubtedly a huge revenue and earning sector and if it is promoted judiciously and judiciously, the state can become a superpower. The number of tourists dropped drastically during Covid and the recent floods this year have damaged hotels and other infrastructure. It has to be rebuilt.

This fact is very surprising that many countries have turned around with the income of tourism. You are a foreigner and a native of Bhutan

But if you want to take a step, you should have 2500 dollars i.e. 40000 Pakistani rupees immediately and after that you have to pay 250 dollars per day to the government for the number of days you intend to stay. Apart from this, the country has developed tourism so much that the world’s wealthiest tourists can get a visa to Bhutan after months of waiting and recommendation. Built the foundation of their economy. Trillions of dollars in annual revenue are generated from tourism.

On the other hand, along with other sectors, the United States has also established its superiority in terms of tourism and annually receives two from tourism Top with trillion dollar earnings. However, despite being number one, this income from tourism is only one percent of its total GDP. Although Maldives earns only 2.7 billion dollars annually from tourists, this income is 60% of the total income of this country as if the country is running on the income of tourism alone.

Pakistan is far behind in the list of income from tourism. The total income from tourism of Pakistan is only three million dollars and it is very small i.e. zero decimal one percent of the GDP of Pakistan. That is the share of income from tourism in the total income of the country. After the United States, Spain and France are second and third in tourism revenue, with 68 and 62 billion respectively.

Dollars are earned annually. In Pakistan in general and in Punjab in particular, there is a lot of scope to take tourism to its peak. In addition to snow-capped mountains, verdant plains, beaches, there are thousands of square miles of lush deserts where domestic and foreign tourists. There is a lot of attraction for tourists. Until a few years ago, if anyone was asked about sightseeing, only hilly areas would come to their mind. But now, apart from the mountains, tourism has also returned to the plains and deserts, which is an example of this Arabic saying: love the desert, love the nature.

Most of the areas of South Punjab consist of desert and wilderness. The inhabitants here are forced to live a backward life but in this region There is a huge potential for tourism. The vastness of the desert amazes a person. The forehead of the desert is its nature. Innumerable diamonds in the velvet of nature are the animals, birds and plants here. In order to maintain the charm of deserts and not burn it, this nature has to be not only saved but also displayed and there is an urgent need to increase its rate.

A number of events are organized in Pakistan to promote public interest and tourism, which have given positive results. In this, Cholistan and Thaljeep Rally, World Chef Day, Sufi Night and World Tourism Day are worth mentioning. After Lahore. Double-decker buses were started in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Auditoriums were constructed in Harappa adjacent to museums. Gujarat Museum and Color Kahar. The museum has been renovated. Excavations at Jampur DG Khan have discovered assets and valuable artefacts of Buddhist civilization. The list of historical and touristic places across Punjab, photos, videos, documentaries and details have been uploaded on the website and worldwide. People can now book their tour by accessing it through the internet.

Along with Punjab, KP is also a hotbed of tourism. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has a number of beautiful health spots that attract tourists not only from within the country but also from abroad. Pakhtunkhwa has many historical buildings, archeological sites, mountains, sports fields, lakes, rivers, educational centers, museums and lush green valleys. Various local governments for tourism There are also centers. Famous archaeological sites in KPK include Takhtbhai, Balahisar Fort, Panjkora River, Seri Bahlul, Chakdara, Panjkora, and Kafarkot. Markets in this province are also exemplary and domestic and foreign tourists must visit Qisa Khwani Bazaar and Khyber Bazaar. Nature has blessed KPK with the most beautiful valleys in which Kamrat, Swat, Kalam, Kaghan and Naran are the center of tourist attraction with their Ranais. Why is Pakistan Behind in Tourism?

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